Evolution stopped talking with google accounts

I’ve been running 3 google accounts from my evolution setup for months, and all of a sudden, all 3 are unable to connect. I started doing some debug (as listed on wiki. gnome. org /Apps /Evolution /Debugging #IMAP) and I see it gets a response of A00001 BAD Client aborted AUTHENTICATE command.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding the account, but my question is, is this affecting anyone else? Is it a library update?

I’ve seen nothing mentioned specifically about Evolution.

An error such as A00001 BAD Client aborted AUTHENTICATE command typically indicates that your email client sent a bad instruction or that the IMAP server didn’t accept your credentials; basically, an authentication failure.

The fact that they all happen to be Google accounts could suggest an issue with Google servers. However, I’m guessing this is actually related to recent changes to default password hashing algorithm and umask settings, as is outlined at this link.

I hope this was helpful. Cheers.