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Just did an extremely large update to Manjaro testing, one part of which upgraded Evolution and evolution-data-server from 3.46.4-1 to 3.48.1-1. After this ALL mails now open as a blank page ie no content. This applies to both mail received today and mail archived from years ago - every mail is blank though none are missing.
Also Firefox, which was also updated, now takes an age to load (30 seconds) Librewolf is the same (though it wasn’t updated) Brave and Opera are not affected by the slowdown. I can live with that but blank emails, I can’t.
Edit. I have already tried downgrading the two evolution packages but the mails are still blank.
Got any ideas?

Update - I can send messages Ok but the ‘compose new mail’ button is acting the same as FF and Librewolf in other words you press it and 30 seconds later it launches the new window. Same when you start to type the message nothing appears for about 30 seconds. Something really strange going on. BTW Evolution itself opens normally the same as Brave and Opera it just works slowly.

If installed, try removing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome

sudo pacman -R xdg-desktop-portal-gnome

Please see:


Thank you so much that was the solution to both the slowdown and the invisible emails, amazing!
Like the guy in the archlinux topic said, why that particular program should suddenly cause problems now I don’t know.

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