Evolution 3.46.1 missing tool bar icons

after updating my machine yesterday (did not update a while), I found that Evolution is missing icons in the tool bar. It now looks like this:

… it is missing the New, Send/Receive, Reply… no text labels either.

Before it was like this (from The Evolution main window):

I do not know how to get those items back.

Some progress… looking at it some more I found this:

The action were moved in the title bar… :slight_smile: Why? How can I get them back where they were before?

Hi @samo_dadela,

While I don’t use Gnome or Evolution, I think you should look in the View for Toolbar (s) for it.

I know all the rage lately is maximizing available space for using the programs, so removing toolbars and such, but it annoys the heck out og me nontheless.

I did try everything in the View menu, and also checked Preferences… no luck.

Not even sure if this is an Evolution specific feature or something generic in Gnome…

OH boy.

Good luck, though.

For all you dinosaurs out there… that’s called a Headerbar/CSD. Here’s the announcement:

It should look like this:

Instead it loos like this:

Don’t know if this is a bug or a bad Manjaro theme that did not catch-up to the latest trends in UI/UX :slight_smile:

Searching for a way to disable it :wink:

CSD stans for Client Side Decorations, it’s a gnome thing (I’m using XFCE4 btw) and it can not be disabled.


Just for completenes… it seems that XFCE4 will also get CSD :slight_smile:

Next is CSD for tiling managers :wink:

It is neither a GNOME thing nor an XFCE thing. It’s a GTK thing. :wink:

Are you missing the buttons on the bottom left below the mail folders as well (E-Mail, Contacts etc)? In the link that @samo_dadela posted they’re visible, but I don’t have them anymore

Here is a thread that talks about CSD:

xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gtk/DialogsUseHeader -s false