Everytime I open Dolphin File Manager- its always Transparent

I am trying have Dolphin File Manager to Open Up with no Transparency. I have the windows meta key and the wheel to make windows Transparent when i need or want too. Not Sure why Its always opening up with some Transparency, its like to wheel rolls up and its gone. But I have to do this everytime I open Dolphin Manager.
If I open a window over it, it reverts it back to transparent again. So its just becoming quite annoying.
I have Manjaro installed on my laptop I set everything up the same as Far As Appearances go. I went through the settings and I just can’t figure out where to look now.
Its only with Dolphin Manager, I have gone through the Settings there as well, and I don’t see any mention of transparency there either.
I also set the settings to remember each folder/window for how it was last seen, and the transparency still returns again and again. Any help would be great… I am just lost now… My Laptop does not have this issue, my Desktop at work does not either. My Dell Optiplex at home everything runs and up to date and rebooted Everything runs fine. Its just this one thing, that I see way too much that I can’t figure it out. Any Help would be great. Thank You.

First you should of posted you inxi -F, second you shouldn’t programed the transparency to the mouse por any keyboard key. You should of just found a setting for transparency you like, set it and forget iot. As for setting having Plasma remember the view state does not apply to system effects like transparency.

Did you check the settings in WorkspaceBehavior->DesktopEFfects->Translucency ? If enabled, there are different settings for inactive windows, dialogs, popups etc. Set each of those translucent settings to max opaque and check Dolphin. You can then tweak from there.

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yea I checked the Translucency and I don’t even have it enabled. I set it to enable and set it to max Opaque, and still anytime I open Dolphin its Transparent.
If I bring to 100 with no transparency if I open a window over it, it reverts it back. like to 80 or 90% whatever its defaulting too.
i have default themes set up set everything back to default in settings and still getting the light transparency of Dolphin.

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