Everything is too small when running Manjaro Xfce in VMware Workstation

It’s my first time using Manjaro. Because I run it inside VMware Workstation and Windows 11 as host, I opted for the Xfce desktop env, because it requires the least amount of RAM.
The problem I am having is that everything (icons, text, windows, cursor) is too small.

I tried a lot of suggestions on the web. One “solution” (the one with installing open-vm-tools and other non-free drivers) managed to break the system.
I need help in resolving the issue, thanks

Should just be able to change the scaling right? I run native 4K display on my system, but I change the scaling to make it a little better/easier to read.

Don’t hold me to it though, I’m new to Manjaro and I’m an idiot.