Everything I select in my browser ends up on the clipboard

Hi, I got this weird problem, maybe anyone can help.

Copy & paste felt kinda buggy/unreliable for me for a long time. Sometimes CTRL+C → CTRL+V just won’t work and I don’t know why.

Today I realized that whenever I select text in my browser (both Firefox and Brave), it’ll end up on the clipboard. I don’t have to RMB+Copy or CTRL+V, just marking text will send it to the clipboard.

What’s wrong here?

Thanks a lot!

Kernel: 5.4.85-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 10.2.0 
Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.20.4 tk: Qt 5.15.2 info: plank wm: kwin_x11 dm: SDDM

Edit: Tested other programs. It’s not just the browsers. Also happens with Signal Client, Thunderbird and others.

Probably a configuration setting in the clipboard app.

See here:

select Configure Klipper… from the Klipper context menu, and in the dialog box that appears, select the General page. Unchecking Synchronize contents of the clipboard and the selection makes the clipboard and selection function as completely separate buffers as described above.

I have the same config, and I think that is a feature (personally, I like it quite a bit, as I share the clipboard with my phone via KDEconnect). You can adjust it by doing right click on the clipboard symbol and change the settings.

In clipboard settings check " ignore selection".


I’d say this is a feature. In X11, there are multiple clipboards, and in the usual configuration (at least what I’ve seen) Ctrl+V/C use one clipboard, while text selection+middle click use a different one. I’m not too sure why these two are “merged” into one here, maybe KDE has an option to manage this.

This is normal X11 behavior, as explained by @pobrn, and as explained by @ddns , you can tell Plasma’s clipboard to ignore the selection.

It might perhaps clarify a few things if you know the historical pretext. You see, long before Microsoft Windows had support for a scroll wheel ─ which initially could not be clicked, or at least, that didn’t do anything in Windows ─ UNIX workstations already had three-button mice, and the middle button would paste the contents of the clipboard. Copying to the clipboard was simply a matter of selecting the text.

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That makes sense, and I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t think of that myself.

Thank you all!

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