Event calendar broken, Kalendar & digital clock widget calendar wont work?

So google has changed its api security and now event calendar will not connect to google calendar. It might be quite a long time before anything is fixed here Access blocked: KDE Event Calendar Widget’s request is invalid · Issue #331 · Zren/plasma-applet-eventcalendar · GitHub

So im looking for an alternative.

I have installed Kalendar.

It says that the pop-up calendar on the digital clock should have an option to set it up to work with Kalendar, but when i look at the digital clock widget settings it does not have such an option and i can not get the pop-up calendar to show any data from Kalendar at all?

Does Kalendar work with Plasma’s digital clock calendar widget?

Yes. This can be configured by right-clicking on the digital clock → Configure digital clock… → Calendar → enable PIM Events Plugin

This should reveal a new section in the widget settings, letting you configure which calendars’ events will be visible in the widget.

But my setting look like this:-

I’m sure that all distros would have a calendar widget in the tray/taskbar/panel type setup, but i’m having a bit of trouble for some reason now that event calendar is broken. Any advice please, thx.

Do you have kdepim-addons installed?

Nop, am i supposed to? I really don’t like using Akonadi at all, i wanted as little bloat as i could get away with.
I shall try it, thx.

I got the calenders to kinda sync with google but nothing works properly?

  • The pop-up on time widget has no colours for the different calenders.
  • You can not create/delete events or anything on the time pop-up widget calenders.
  • You can not delete google evens from Kalendar or Korganizer (they remain in google but dont show on either Kalendar or time pop-up widget and yes i am using F5 on Kalendar to sync). You have to load the google calendar on your browser to actually delete things there.
  • I installed Korganizer as well, just to take a look. You also can’t delete events from this, but it also has a terrible scroll function where you can scroll through the months of the calendar with the mouse wheel but its way to sensitive. Every time i try to use my laptops 2 finger tap context menu (which is all i have) the calendar goes shooting through years of calendar months.

The whole lot just feels like it only halfway through development.

I checked Event Calendar , but it has no issue.

I installed Event Calendar version 76 from GitHub.

  • No akonadi.
  • No KOrganizer
  • No kdepim-addons
  • No Kalendar, just use Thunderbird.

i shall try ver 76 as im on 74 atm but i would have thought all the other people in the issue threads on github would have tried.
I would use thunderbird/lightning, but i don’t really need a whole email client plus i need sync across devices, so google is the most painless.

Yea, the OP of this thread is already testing with ver 76 Access blocked: KDE Event Calendar Widget’s request is invalid · Issue #331 · Zren/plasma-applet-eventcalendar · GitHub

I have same issue…

It’s no use. People are reporting the same issues with thunderbird. It’s Google’s fault.

They like breaking things in order to ensure their monopoly. :angry: