Even if I enable reading and writing permissions for all users, I still return to the insufficient privacy when copying the file

sudo chmod -R 777 /home/test1/1
ls -alh /home/test1/1/2
ls: cannot access '/home/test1/1/2': Permission denied
sudo ls -alh /home/test/1/2
-rwxrwxrwx 1 test test 0 Oct 16 11:11 /home/test/1/2

I am using test users, seems that Manjaro enabled strange security measures so that I can’t read the files under other user’s HOME folders.

The default permissions is set in /etc/profile umask 022

You can change this system wide by changing this value to 077 or you can set for your user only - in your shells rc file

More info umask - ArchWiki

No - that is not strange - the user’s home folder is created using permissions only for the user - as no user should have access to another user’s home.

When you chmod a subfolder of a user’s - in your example /home/test1/1 - you are only setting permissions on that folder.

Because the parent folder /home/test1 has permissions 700 - no other user is allowed to access any subfolders.

If your goal is to share files among users - you are much better off by creating a separate data structure to the shared files. Don’t mess with the permissions inside a users home - it quickly gets out of hand and may have implications you haven’t thought of.


I tried to give all users read and write permissions for the parent folder, but the results were similar.

And is there any recommended mount path?

Some examples