Evdev controller buttons change randomly

I’m having issues concerning my controllers within multiple emulators. Seemingly random after an arbitrary amount of reconnects of my controllers the mappings change. To confirm this I reconnected my 2019 Xbox one controller a bunch of times. I first thought this to be an issue with Dolphin but after some testing I had the exact same issue with RPCS3.
The button mappings change. Randomly.
In Dolphin the xbox controller has been alternating between these two face button mappings:

first mapping:
up → west
right → east
down → south
left → north

second mapping:
up → north
right → east
down → south
left → c

note that this is what Dolphin calls the face buttons. The connection was always through endev.
I didn’t know where else to go…

You can watch dmeg regarding how the controller is connected and what driver is loaded to handle it. Note the differences when the mapping changes and post back here.