Ethernet disappeared after trying to update

Ok, first some background that may or may not be relevant. This morning I was overclocking my CPU by tweaking my BIOS. I found a setting that appeared to be stable, so before I left for work I started a software update with pamac. It was updating LBRY (AUR), and also Electron. When I came back from work, electron had failed to update (didn’t make a note of the error, sorry). I tried updating again, it failed. I un-installed LBRY but that did not remove electron. I tried un-installing electron, but pamac just keeps trying to build it again and fails.

So I try the insane person thing and said will I guess I’ll try updating one more time. I let it run while I ate dinner. Well I came back from dinner to find my screen was just a huge mess of pixels. Something had crashed hard. Did a hard reboot and went into BIOS. I thought this must be due to the overclocking so I returned all CPU settings to normal in BIOS and rebooted.

System boots fine but now it appears there is no ethernet! This is a desktop machine and it does not have a wireless card. I am using XFCE, when I open NetworkManager Applet, there are no connections listed. If I try to add a new connection, the “device” drop-down menu is empty. I can’t ping any IP’s or addresses, can’t SSH to any other machines local or remote. ip a returns one loopback device and nothing else.

Is it possible that I fried my on-board ethernet? Everything else seems to be working normally. I am very lost and have no idea where to start. Help!

Hello @el_maquinisto :wink:

If lspci displays no device, then normally it died or is not connected:

lspci | grep -i net

Load a Live .iso and see if you have Ethernet.

@megavolt lspci | grep -i net returns nothing. :frowning:

@jrichard326 I tried loaded live ISO’s of Trisquel and Ubuntu. No ethernet with either one.

I was prepared to lose my CPU or screw up my memory while overclocking. I never expected to lose onboard ethernet in the process. :man_shrugging: Just ordered a cheap PCIe ethernet card. We’ll see what happens with that.

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PCIe ethernet card worked as expected. Onboard ethernet is dead as expected. Somehow an overclocking mishap fried it.

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