Ethereum mining

So, I am planing mine on my desktop PC with dedicated PRO graphics card (meaning one for daily usage and one for mining, both cards from AMD-preventing major driver issues).
I am planing using this graphics card:
AMD Radeon PRO WX 3200 4GB from HP

Now my question is:
How to configure the system and software to prevent mix ups and breakdowns?

I was playing around and got my laptop to “dig” for Etherium using Ethminer GitHub - ethereum-mining/ethminer: Ethereum miner with OpenCL, CUDA and stratum support it is available in AUR repository.

HOWEVER, you will need a GPU with higher VRAM than 4GB to get it to work… found that out the hard way.

How to connect to pool and miner can be found out here ethminer/ at master · ethereum-mining/ethminer · GitHub

I have no idea how to configure the system and software to prevent mix-ups and breakdowns, but being on rolling-distro might not be the smartest idea if you want to dig coin.

Alternatively you can mine bitcoin using Nicehash by using Nuxhash GitHub - YoRyan/nuxhash: A NiceHash cryptocurrency mining client for Linux. (basically copy/paste sudo pip command). It is painfully slow, but for some reason I can haz Bitcoin using this on my GTX 1050 mobile (which is absurd and not beneficial).

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Thank you

Another question:
Compatibility with Go Ethereum and Etherwall?

These are questions that should be asked crypto forums I believe.

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