Establish a VPN connection to FritzBox and access LAN devices

Hello everyone,
i want to establish a VPN connection to my FritzBox router at home using Manjaro Gnome.
I already managed to add the VPN connection to the network manager (in the settings menu) using vpnc.

When i connect to this VPN it throws no error and works, at least partially.
When i connect to a page in the internet, the traffic seems to be tunneled via the FritzBox and the external IP address is the one from my home. I checked this using Wie ist mein IP Adresse Standort? Erfahre es hier | NordVPN

However, i am unable to access any devices from my home LAN (e.g. .
My network at home is
My network remote is
I can ping the devices, but can’t establish a connection via HTTP/ SSH.

→ Ideally i would like that any traffic that goes to the network is tunneled over my VPN connection, while everything that points to another address should not be tunneled.
But it would be also okay, if everything goes over the FritzBox, as long as my devices can be reached.

Do i have to configure something else?

No ideas? Anyone?
I thought that maybe one reason could be the firewall of the FritzBox that blocks any requests from outside the local network (at least when no port forwarding is used).

What would be the correct way to solve this? Allow traffic from Change my network settings so that my PC has an IP address in the home network?

Currently it’s looking like this: