Errors with NZBGet configuration

Hi there
I have installed NZBGet from official repository.
At present, issues are

  1. I’m getting error messages( like Could not create file /home/me/Downloads/NZBGet/tmp/readurl-1.tmp .
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  2. After a reload, errors( like nzbget.conf(46): Invalid value for option "NzbDir" (/home/me/Downloads/NZBGet/nzb): could not read information for directory /home/me/Downloads/NZBGet/nzb: errno 13,
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  3. nzbget.log, nzbget.lock files & dst i.e. destination directory not created by default.

I followed arch wiki( How can I resolve this ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

N.B. Coulld not add the links/photos due to unknown reason.