Errors after stable 2020-08-28 Update | Gnome Software Center | "no plugin could handle get-updates"

After updating to the [Stable Update] “2020-08-28” I noticed the the Gnome Software Center is:

  • No longer sees the software that is installed.
  • No longer seeing any content in the Gnome Store.
  • When you try to use update option it reports the message “no plugin could handle get-updates”
  • No software repositories listed under settings.

Results from journal -f when attempting to search for Firefox as an application

Sep 07 17:54:02 hanna MainThread[2700]: failed to commit changes to dconf: Could not connect: Permission denied
Sep 07 17:54:28 hanna gnome-shell[2132]: Could not create transient scope for PID 29071: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnixProcessIdUnknown: Process with ID 29071 does not exist.
Sep 07 17:55:23 hanna gnome-software[2456]: failed to get search apps: no plugin could handle search
Sep 07 17:55:23 hanna gnome-software[2456]: failed to get search apps: no plugin could handle search


  • Tried uninstalling and Re-installing the Gnome software Center. Still same reported errors.

I have screen shots but the system will not let me attach.

As this appears to affect multiple systems I will @philm just in case you want to add this to the stable release notes. The key is there are no repositories to query for Gnome Software store. So perhaps there are missing check ins for the Gnome store.

Gnome-Software has its own way to deal with “things”. Have a read here about Settings, same deal.

Use pamac either cli or ui to update the system, or do it trough pacman
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Thanks for the feedback.

To clarify I am not asking or requesting for Manjaro or Gnome to change how they are doing things. Who ever created the Gnome Software Center which allows access to different software repositories is now broken because it cannot display software from the registered repositories. The screen shots demonstrate that no software repositories are registered.

I updated the system with the pacman -Syyu, after this the Gnome Software Center is broken on:

  • Thinkpad T430s (no software repositories listed)
  • Thinkpad x230 (ran update on sept 7, 2020) and this added 2 software repositories to choose from (believe stable and testing).

The Acer laptop (not updated) the Gnome Software Center is full functional.

Just saying it would be useful to communicate this finding to see if it is reproducible by others.

Let me ping @Chrysostomus and @Ste74 - for sure they know more about this.

I don t see nothing… all work as expected with our plugin installed

Can someone grant me the ability to post screen shots and links?

Additionally this is the Gnome Software Store:


Just ran the [[Stable Update] 2020-09-08 ] update and the Gnome Software Center is working again.

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