Error with missing packages (mkinitcpio) in architect install

Recently I created a UEFI VM with virtualbox for simulate a manjaro custom installation with manjaro-architect ISO. pretending to install in my UEFI Laptop

The partitioning, the LUKS setup, and BTRFS subvolume creation is working fine. But in the time of install the base packages of manjaro I noticed is missing something.

I choose the linux-latest and yay+base-devel with the kernel headers. But mkinitcpio is not installed in the script. This causes an error 255. sed trying to write a hook in mkinitcpio.conf… that not exists!

Sounds like the base packages that the setup script selects have missing packages for a functional manjaro installation with all the necessary things to work. Is like to install arch with base packages but no kernel, in this case mkinitcpio is not installing.

And I can’t proceed with the other steps because of this. Is telling me that I need to install the manjaro base packages first. But I ended in a dead end, I can’t install a desktop, or the bootloader…

This happens with the latest architect ISO with the updates of this day.