Error while updating in pamac, error with mesa-nonfree repo

When running pamac update in terminal, I get the following error:

Synchronizing package databases...
Error: mesa-nonfree: signature from "Mesa Freeworld <>" is invalid
Refreshing mesa-nonfree.db...                                                                                                                                                                 
Error: multilib.db: mesa-nonfree: signature from "Mesa Freeworld <>" is invalid                                                                                          
Failed to synchronize databases

After this, the update fails as:
Error: Failed to prepare transaction: invalid or corrupted database

I followed the steps cited in, and all of them were executed without errors. Also checked the concerned files and they had correct changes.
On running ‘Refresh databases’ in pamac, I get the following:

Synchronizing package databases...
Refreshing mesa-nonfree.db...
Refreshing core.db...
Refreshing extra.db...
Refreshing community.db...
Refreshing multilib.db...
Refreshing mesa-nonfree.files...
Refreshing core.files...
Refreshing extra.files...
Refreshing community.files...
Refreshing multilib.files...
Error: multilib.files: mesa-nonfree: signature from "Mesa Freeworld <>" is invalid
Refreshing AUR...
Nothing to do.
Transaction successfully finished.

When using pacman -Syyu, I get no such error and update completes normally, so this problem seems specific to pamac. How do I resolve it?

Idk why last post was marked as solution, but simply deleting the old database did the trick for me

sudo rm -f /var/lib/pacman/sync/*

By using pacman instead of pamac. :wink:

Still, you might want to refresh pamac’s database… :arrow_down:

pamac checkupdates --force-refresh

And while you’re at it, merge your .pacnew files. You’ve still got the Community repo in there, which was dropped over two months ago. :wink:

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(Exit code is 100 if updates are available)

pamac checkupdates [options]

  --builddir <dir> : build directory (use with --devel), if no directory is given the one specified in pamac.conf file is used
  --aur, -a        : also check updates in AUR
  --no-aur         : do not check updates in AUR
  --quiet, -q      : only print one line per update
  --devel          : also check development packages updates (use with --aur)
  --no-devel       : do not check development packages updates

Nothing happens after the above error is displayed. I think --force-refresh is not a valid option. I merged with pacnew files as you advised.

I don’t mind using it but I like pamac’s GUI and also want to update AUR packages. If there is no solution, I will have to remove it for some other AUR helper, but that would not be preferable.

pamac does have issues, but removing it is quite incisive. But you could use yay instead. It’s command-line-only, but it works.

Also, if you’re on Plasma — not that this is a requirement — there’s also octopi, which is a GUI package manager. You will need to enable the AUR in it via its menus, because it needs an AUR helper like yay in order to pull in AUR packages.

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