Error when trying to install Manjaro using Ventoy on Lenovo E580

I am using Ventoy 1.0.81 (Ventoy2Disk_X64.exe) on a USB stick with manjaro-xfce-21.3.7-220816-linux515.iso copied to it. The checksum was correct after downloading the iso from Manjaro. I have disabled Secure Boot on the E580. I receive the following error messages after selecting the Manjaro iso (both with Boot in Normal Mode and Boot in Grub2 Mode) -

Starting version 251.4-1-manjaro
mount: /run/miso/sfs/rootfs: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop3 … or other error.

ERROR: Failed to mount ‘/dev/loop3’

Any help would be much appreciated. By the way, many thanks to @stephane and @linux-aarhus for a previous post which told me about Ventoy and disabling secure boot.

What have you done ?
Created Ventoy USB stick.
Copied the latest ISO image to USB stick.
Sync after that ?

It is likely - as @Keruskerfuerst point to - a matter of syncing the file system.

Do not yank the stick - data corruption may happen - eject the stick - and wait until the data has been written to the stick

  • drag and drop the iso onto the usb
  • allow replacing the existing file
  • then use the safe remove or eject option in the filemanager.
  • wait until the system notify it is safe to remove the stick

Created Ventoy USB stick - Yes
Copied the latest ISO image to USB stick - Yes
Sync after that? - No (not mentioned in the Ventoy instructions?)

Sync: copies write cache of system to USB stick.
This is nessecary.

Thank you @Keruskerfuerst and @linux-aarhus - that has solved the problem. Much appreciated!

Ventoy is an excellent bootable USB solution :slight_smile:

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