Error: This is not a secure connection

Dies ist keine sichere Verbindung

Hacker könnten versuchen, Ihre Daten von zu stehlen, zum Beispiel Passwörter, Nachrichten oder Kreditkartendaten. Weitere Informationen


Neu ladenErweiterte Informationen ausblenden


This is not a secure connection
Hackers may attempt to steal your information from, such as passwords, messages or credit card details. Further information

Will we, at some point be able to enter without vpn ?

I cannot tell you why you are getting that error message, but for what it’s worth, over here at my end, the connection is considered secure.

I am currently using Chromium, but I have also tested it with Firefox and Plasmafox. They all report the site as secure.


Ok, with your info I deleted my chromium DOM-memory (HTML5-cookies) and now it works.
Some others might fall in the same trap.




It took us a while until all DNS servers picked up the new server from Finland. We enhanced the security for this server even.