Error suspending and shutting down the host after succesful single GPU passthrough

I have recently made a gaming vm with single GPU passthrough, I followed a guide by user Risingprism on Gitlab. It worked great, no problems about the VM itself. The issue is that now I can’t suspend/hibernate my host system, and when I power it off it takes a long time and logs are displayed on screen. When trying to suspend/hibernate the screen goes black for a few seconds and then I am prompted to log in to manjaro again. When powering off, the following displays on screen throughout the course of ~8 minutes until it finally shuts down.

(Sorry for logs being on photo, if they are stored in a file tell me and I would paste them on an edit)
It obviously says it failed to unmount /home and looks like it’s taking a lot of time doing that until it finally succeeds and shuts down. My system has an SSD on / and a 1 tb HDD mounted on /home. I really couldn’t find any information about this online so I am pretty lost on what I could try, any help is really appreciated. Thanks for reading!

I guess you are talking about this guide? Home · Wiki · Risingprism / Single GPU Passthrough · GitLab

Do you try to suspend your host while a vm is running?