Error ripping Blu-ray with ffmpeg

First of all, I have a bluray movie and I want to encode it. I am getting an error like this in FFMPEG.

[h264_nvenc @ 0x5573cbe00880] dl_fn->cuda_dl->cuInit(0) failed → CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE: no CUDA-capable device is detected
Error initializing output stream 0:0 – Error while opening encoder for output stream #0:0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height
[libvorbis @ 0x5573cbd1b4c0] 39 frames left in the queue on closing
Conversion failed!

After this error I installed cuda.
I updated the drivers.
But I can’t solve it.
I am waiting for your help. Apart from ffmpeg, I also get an error in handbrake.

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Host: Nitro AN515-43 V1.10
Kernel: 5.10.42-1-MANJARO
Uptime: 43 secs
Packages: 1176 (pacman)
Shell: zsh 5.8
Resolution: 1920x1080
DE: GNOME 3.38.4
WM: Mutter
WM Theme: macOS-6.1
Theme: macOS-6.1 [GTK2/3]
İcons: BigSur [GTK2/3]
Terminal: gnome-terminal
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile G
GPU: AMD ATI 05:00.0 Picasso
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Mobile / Max-Q
Memory: 961MiB / 13930MiB

First check to see if you have these two installed.

libaacs & libbluray (check pamac)

There may be another step. Might need this - AUR (en) - keydb

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I remembered during the night where I got the info. Over here>