Error message when login shell is not in /etc/shells

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in the above Topic an issue was solved over several days which turned out to be caused by a missing entry in etc/shells. That prevented to login for users.

The error message I got was “password not accepted”. This was quite misleading and I am wondering 2 things

  1. wouldn’t it be better to have a more explanatory error?
  2. which would be the entity to implement such. I guess not necessarily the distribution but more somebody working on more basic linux toolsets.

Any ideas?

The obvious answer would be - add the shell in question …

How is it misleading? It was not accepted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway: Issues · shadow-maint/shadow · GitHub

And to add to all of this: If you merged your .pacnew files, /usr/bin/bash would already be there.

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that is true and I definitely have to improve as a Manjaro user and a person in general. However … an error message could be helpful, or misleading.

And even users, who are not ideal users might even have good intentions might be worth to be helped with leading error messages.

pacnew files are warned about during upgrade btw.
To see if you currently have more:

pacdiff -o
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