Error cannot open shared object flle

What is the peoblem ? how to solve it since pacman cant (typo: corrected run also

sudo pacman -Syu (Typo error here in forum: corrected)
pacman: error while loading shared librarles: cannot open shared object flle: No such file or directory

Unfamiliarity with basic commands seems to be the problem.

Your syntax is incorrect.

To perform an update with pacman you must have elevated privileges; usually achieved by using sudo; for example:

sudo pacman -Syu

Please note the capital S in the command.

Alternately, you could use pamac, like this:

pamac update --no-aur

Note that pamac should not be used with sudo.

Let us know if this solves your issue.


While that is true…

Seems to be the main issue.

And points to a likely partial-upgrade state. Or some other similar error.
It is certainly out of date somehow in that all branches should be on icu version 75 by now.

@andrewysk does your output mean you cannot use pacman?

You seem to indicate otherwise …

What is the result of pamac search libicuuc …?

In my case:

$ pamac search  libicuuc
lib32-icu  75.1-1 [Installed]                                                                         multilib
    International Components for Unicode library (32 bit)
icu  75.1-1 [Installed]                                                                                   core
    International Components for Unicode library

When did you last upgrade your system?

Sorry, typed the above issue on tiny handphone with big fingers and android camera (text extract function) before call it a night. didnt pay enough attention to it, hence typos.
to summary:
pacman, pamac… all cant run now, same error.

$pamac search libicuuc
pamac: error while loading shared libraries: libicuuc,so,74: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
$sudo pacman -Syu
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

maybe 1 month ago… cant exactly remember…
Firstly I have xserver problem after (force shut down when it freezed. I updated the machine, but continuing using it without reboot , And some when it froze, hence force reboot).
After the computer boot up, I can only logging into TTY terminal.
And then I did a system update again from TTY terminal.It shows dependency error, but i force remove the package anyway, and landed there.

I think finally this manjaro (after 2-3 years of using and learning), this manjaro installation is at the stage where salvage is of no option… may need to be install over…
Suggestion? shld i? any good guide on how to achieve that with success? i think so far, keep my home folder shld b ok, bcos , so far not config issue. but however, i need to list out all the installed packages so that i can install it back , else forsure will hav non ending headache

Not too long ago, quite a few people had issues involving
There are a lot of threads and posts about it - look at them.

And/or post the command along with its output if you can’t interpret it yourself.

(this forum software is annoying - someone just posted with a similar issue and I wanted to just copy what I wrote there as it applies just as well here - the software complains because of it. Too similar to what you recently posted … yeah, no kidding … it was the same)

No - not the softwares fault - the OP here @andrewysk simply opened another thread with the same issue.

Don’t do that @andrewysk

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Can u copy the url of the post and post it here? i hav only this tiny hp with tiny screen… hard to browse around such complicated forum…

If I knew it off the top of my head, I would simply tell you.
But I don’t - I’d have to go look and search for those just as you would.
So: no

Did you mean this other thread?:

But I can’t simply say yes to confirm - the forum software complains that there must be at least 6 characters in a reply. :grimacing:

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This is why it’s recommended to reboot after an update, or at least one reason.

Seems like a job for pacman-static :superhero:

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…but you could have written “That’s right.”… Let me see, how many characters is that?! :grinning:

:100: This is something I was largely ignorant of, until recently. Though I’ve never had a need for it (and hopefully never will) it’s good to know the option exists; to be able to use (a variant of) pacman to repair pacman related issues.


There are other options too.

You can chroot from a live USB and use the pacman from the live USB…or download and manually extract the relevant packages.

The former may be a better option than pacman-static, but I can’t remember the trick to make it work with manjaro-chroot, it’s around here somewhere.

Both are mentioned in the link I provided, just below pacman-static.


I could have, would I have thought of phrasing it that way - but I didn’t.
“Yes” was the answer that came to me (german …) - and then I wanted to have my rant. :grinning:


Never start with a rant though (like some in the forum do), as it’s too easy to forget the original question or topic. I recall seeing the occasional kilometre-long rants where the poster lost all cohesiveness. :smile:

An jenam tag…

My translator did not come up with a possible language for this phrase.

It took me a little while - I think you meant: “Angenehmen Tag” which is german and means: “Have a pleasant day”

… and the same for you, sir!

I’ve always understood an jenam tag to be much like ‘those were the days’ or ‘the good old days’ or, something like that, depending on context; but then, I’ve only heard it spoken.

Spoken by germans?
That may have been a (northern) dialect - there are many and really very different from “standard” german.
So different that many people have real trouble understanding each other when they go 500 km away from home. :smiley: