Error in VirtualBox: Could not sync environment to dbus

I am trying to run the ISO of Manjaro-kde-20.1-rc6-200908-linux58, in Virtualbox, on a Kubuntu 20.04 host.
I see text on the screen at the beginning of the boot process, but then it goes blank, and eventually shows this error: “Could not sync environment to dbus.” The error message shows in a white balloon in the upper left corner of the screen, and there is a button where I can click “okay”. If I click it, it stays at a blank black screen.

I created the VM with default settings. Then I tried enabling 3D acceleration, but it didn’t help. The graphics controller is VMSVGA.
Any advice?

Okay, problem solved. Virtualbox simply does not know the right default settings for Manjaro, it thinks that Manjaro is Mandriva.
The correct graphics controller is VboxSVGA

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