Error in buildiso and problem with calamares

==> ERROR: invalid symlink: '/usr/lib/'
==> ERROR: invalid symlink: '/usr/lib/'
=> WARNING: errors were encountered during the build. The image may not be completetype or paste code here

enable_systemd_timers=('fstrim' 'pkgfile-update') is in profile.conf but calamares did not enable them.
Should it work?

I assume you used the packaged version of the tools and not those from git. Since we use github actions to build our ISOs we rarely update the tools in our binary repos. You can try to build your local copy of the tools via this PKGBUILD and try again: Packages / Extra / manjaro-tools-git · GitLab

Also use a service like pastebin and provide the full build log and check the generated config files on your ISO in /etc/calamares/modules

Added the below to /lib/manjaro-tools/

if [[ -z ${enable_systemd_timers[@]} ]]; then
        enable_systemd_timers=('fstrim' 'pkgfile-update')

but it does not appear in buildiso -qv

This is already in

if [ ! ${#enable_systemd_timers[@]} -eq 0 ]; then
        echo 'timers:' >> "$conf"
        for s in ${enable_systemd_timers[@]}; do
            echo "    - name: $s" >> "$conf"
            echo '      mandatory: false' >> "$conf"
            echo '' >> "$conf"

Added to /bin/buildiso and /bin/check-yaml

msg2 "enable_systemd_timers: %s" "${enable_systemd_timers[*]}"

and it appeared in buildiso -qv

Not sure if all I added is needed? but it now works.

It appears you only need… msg2 “enable_systemd_timers: %s” “${enable_systemd_timers[*]}” in /bin/buildiso
Yes it works with just this line added to buildiso. @philm Please update buildiso

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