Error: gpgme error no data

ı am getting this error when ı want to update how ı can fix it

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ı was looking that but unfortaatly my english is not good to understand very well could you explain me what ı gotta do?


I got mistake like that

You have to update the system first. :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syyu

I did again i got that

I don’t understand that language, but archlinuxfr is not a Manjaro mirror, and I suspect that this is the one causing you trouble. Remove it from the mirror list, update your mirrors and try again. :arrow_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && sudo pacman -Syyu

sorry to dont explain you ıts says Siglevel is not avaible for this part and again ıts says error GPGHME error: no data
ı did what you said to me ı got same things too

and ı only want to take my a few files from my computer and then ı wıll ınstall agaın how ı can take thıs fıle ı only see my terminal screen and ı cannot and more ı have tımeshıt too can ı use tımeshift from terminal to take pass

Yes, you can. It has a man page. :arrow_down:

man timeshift

okey thanks ı wıll search how ı can use timeshift now ı did man timeshift but ı didnt understand very well thanks for your information

okey ı saw with sudo timeshift --restore and ı choose number ı things its happening again thank you soo much