Error : failed retrieving file core.db from Insufficient randomness

Hi everyone,

Recently I’m encountering some issues with my system’s entropy. I presume It must be something to to with openssl because I’m getting multiple errors regarding secure applications like eg

pacman: Insufficient randomness.
curl: Insufficient randomness.
ssh : PRNG is not seeded.

I somehow managed to update my system to the latest versions. The error remains when syncing pacman.
Can someone point me in the right direction? I’m not finding helpful info on this topic.


Haveged - ArchWiki

should help with that.

Supposedly it was but no longer is necessary - but it should help solve the immediate problem.

moving the mouse and generating other input should help as well …

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Thank you for the tips,

I tried Haveged, in fact it is running now, but I don’t see any improvement.

About this moving mouse? How do I do this?.

Ah ok, now I get it. Just collecting entropy by working on your desktop.

This should be done automatically after Linux 5.4:

Linux commit

Debian Wiki

My entropy number is fixed but maybe this is an obsolete entry then?

cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail

I don’t expect haveged nor rngd to work considering the recent kernel changes.