Error: config 'vesa-video' is not installed!

I would attach pictures and link a forum thread here, but it wont let me.

So, Manjaro refuses to boot and just shows says: /dev/nvme0n1p5: clean, 414334/22413312 files, 12128158/89624036 blocks

So I found a forum thread about the same issue and it told me to enter tty (ctrl+alt+f2), login and use the command sudo mhwd -r pci video-vesa to remove video vesa.

I tried the command, but all it says is: Error: config ‘vesa-video’ is not installed!

If I do mhwd -l I can see that video-vesa is installed, it just wont let me uninstall.

Help appreciated.

why cant you boot? did you install/updated/uninstalled/modified something? what did you do?
also the command mhwd -l shows drivers that are available for install, not installed. If you want to check what drivers you have installed you use: mhwd -li

I was messing with display drivers and accidentally removed all of them or something thats why i couldn’t boot.

Thanks for making me aware of -li, using that I found out I had no drivers.

I fixed the issue by installing video-nvidia.

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