Error building perl-cpanel-json-xs

I’ve gotten stuck trying to update perl-cpanel-json-xs. It stops with the error:

Could not find all required packages:
libxcrypt (Wanted by: perl-cpanel-json-xs)

I did see this a post in the Manjaro wiki from 3 days ago about this topic. ( Sorry, I tried to link it but it tells me I can’t include links. )
But that didn’t do anything for me, which I figured given the error is that it can’t find a required package but eh, I tried it

Searching for the package says no packages match search

Looking at the perl-cpanel-json-xs AUR page ( sorry, tried to link it ), the last entry at this time was a request that the dev needed to add libxcrypt as a dependency, which doing so now caused failures for me.

I see libxcrypt ( couldn’t link ) appears to be in the Arch repositories but I didn’t see it in Manjaro, though I could just be blind.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m just doing something wrong or I truly can’t do anything with this. I guess I could build from source but simply prefer not to since then I have to remember to go check for updated versions constantly and all that jazz.

Should this be added to the Manjaro repositories if it’s in Arch’s? I dunno, just a question. Any thoughts would be appreciated

It has just been added to Arch two weeks ago and probably takes a few more days to land in Manjaro.

Ah. I just read as the last update upload was a couple days ago but yeah, if it’s a total new package i could see that. I’ll wait and see if that gets pulled in!