Error al ejecutar virtualbox con el kernel 6.3

Good, how are you? I am new to the world of Manjaro and some distributions, and when trying to run my viewing program I get this error. I already searched many pages and none has given me help on how to solve this version of the kernel, since it seems that it is a new version and does not let me degrade. I would appreciate help at a basic level to solve that problem, I already thank you very much.

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Why are you using 6.3? It is still a Release Candidate and may have issues. Have you tried 6.2, 6.1 LTS or 5.15 LTS?

Please also see:


Well, I think that precisely to the graph that explains the question modes, I could take the one to read the manual, since that would have saved me more the effort to solve this problem. Well, to summarize a little more, the problem was in the kernel and that the version that was being produced was not yet compatible with Virtualboz, but if I had read the user manual a little more, I would have understood that when starting Manjaro Linux I would have seen the option to select which kernel I could start my OS with. Well, things for newbies (wait for forgiveness), and with that I was able to solve it and be able to use this program without problems, thank you all very much for the help.

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