Error 1603 on wine installing .exe

When I’m trying to install a .exe program the installer shows me 1603 error.
I don’t know how to solve this problem.
Please help me.

you are not installing an exe , you are installing ITE9135 driver windows!
better should be

for what purpose do you wanna do this ? your tv should already be supported by linux. why using wine for that ? makes no sense for me.

Don’t use Wine to install drivers. Drivers should NEVER be installed through a compatibility layer.


thanks for all of you.
I found out that I made a misstake.

I can’t find that on mhwd.
Is that installed?
If not how can I install that?

open a konsole and post the output of

ls /lib/firmware/ | grep 91

this should show up that the firmware for 9135 is already present.

This is the output:


okay the firmware (“driver”) is already present. all you should check now is your search engine and search for “linux smart tv” and other similar search phrases. there are such a lot of solutions that i cannot answer this.
a very popular app is “kodi”. you can search for it and try if it fullfills your needs.

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The module for this tuner is called it913x and should be loaded when the tuner is inserted.

lsmod | grep it913
should list it

How can I use that?

… is your question how to use a search engine?
how to use kodi?

It’s unlikely to be the first option
and perusing that will give you answers to the second question …

I replied to a very popular app is “kodi” and it means I want to know how can I use that.

I know.
And using a search engine will answer your questions - if you ask it :wink:

you install it like any other program
how to use it is a different question from how to install it

I didn’t ask for how to install that; I asked for how to use that.

I know - but at least I am not a search engine nor will I read the user manual to you and for you.

Happy trails!

perhaps you could make very clear what your actual objective is:

What are you trying to achieve in the end?

Not how you think you can get there - but what the actual goal is.

It was never explicitly mentioned - just deduced from what you tried to do in your first post.
Perhaps we are talking past each other the whole time.

there are a lot of tutorials. for example check youtube