Erase forum account

how to erase forum account? when i registering on forum, confirmation letter was not sended to my work e-mail for a long long time, and for test i register on temporary e-mail box. confirmation letter on temporary box was sended emmidiately. when i want to change my forum account e-mail to my work e-mail box, forum send to me confirmation message with link, but this link is broken - she direct me to non-existent page.

i dont want use forum with temporary e-mail, and dont want to change nickname with new registration - old nikname forum forbides.

Sounds like your work email was blocking it.

This could be a bug … @codesardine

Erase forum account

…as to your thread title …
So you arent asking for account deletion?

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i want to delete account from system and then create new account with same nikname. in original situation i cant ctreate new account - name is registered by another user (me)…if i can know when confirmation error will be fixed, i will waiting for fixing, but nobody not answered me about fixing this bug on forum. maybe i must not delete temporary e-mail, but this variant is bad - i can lose or forgot my mail password :confounded:

Delte is difficult, because you have more than 15 posts. We would need to delete your posts first and then check if it is possible to delete the account.

We can easily “anonymize” you, replace your name with a meaningsless pseudonym and remove your avatar and profile information.
Then you should be able to create a new account.

However, is your email really temporary? Or can you just register your regular email address as a password recovery email?

register my regular email address as a password recovery email? how it i can do?..difficult situation with verification errors…i think to wait for fixing and use at this time temporary e-mail. :confused:

Send a PM to @moderators

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