Equivalent of the Mint-Y theme under KDE?

Hello everybody,

Is there an equivalent of the Mint-Y theme under KDE (only light theme) ?



Hi guys,

the links are for the icons theme. I’m looking for (Linux) Mint theme for KDE plasma (for example: Mint-Y-aqua). I found the Mint theme for GTK applications under KDE but not for KDE plasma itself.


I gave you the link to the theme at store.kde.org higher up already. :arrow_down:

Those links appears to be icon theme only? it is based on mint-y icons, hence the github link at the top left.
OP wants a full mint theme for kde plasma, although i doubt that it exists?

That Mint theme is based upon GTK — which makes sense, because it’s for the Mint-developed Cinnamon desktop environment — while Plasma is based upon Qt. Two very different beasts.

Plasma can be themed by using different colors, widget themes and window decorations for the built-in Breeze theme — some of which can be installed as pre-configured global themes — or by using the Kvantum theme engine with its own SVG-based themes, with or without an Aurorae window decoration.

In short, if you cannot find it at store.kde.org — and apart from the icon themes I’ve posted the links to, there doesn’t appear to be any such theme there — then you’re going to have to create your own or find somebody to do it for you.

@Aragorn: your links are for icons theme only. Is Breeze can be an equivalent of Linux Mint theme (Mint-Y) under KDE or is there another theme on KDE that looks like the one from Linux Mint ?

@AlanP Try this one:

Ok, I found an other alternative. I will use Fluent-round KDE theme. It looks like good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your answers.

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