EPSON WF-3825 driver

Hey guys,
i hope some one can help me…

I’m trying to install my EPSON WF-3825 on Manjaro-Gnome.

I downloaded the “driver” from the epson ebz download page. (can’t post the link)

If you search for 3820, you will find the WF-3820 Series Driver… I tried to add the printer via cups and added the ppd file i found in the arm tarball.

So far so good, but every time i try to print something i get the message “job stopped”.

What can i do? Did i used the wrong driver / ppd file?

Hope some one can help!

P.S.: printer is connected over ethernet.

Edit: Also tried the x64 ppd extracted from the Debian Package

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The printer driver is in the AUR (Arch User Repository) as epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2 and the scanner front-end is in the community repo as imagescan.


Thank you, you safed my day!

I have not found the driver all this time… I have already used the imagescan front end with other printers

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