Epson TM Driver (for ARM) not available?

I just tried to compile the Printerdriver for the TM-U220 from Epson.
epson-biz (dot) com/modules/pos/index.php?page=prod&pcat=5&pid=42
This page shows the version3-Package and needed (at least for ubuntu) the libraries for :slight_smile:

Cmake was possible to get, but not the licupsimage2 (development-version seems to be the the needed once).

Is there a way to get this library or install it on another way? The AUR-package contains a “TM-Series-Printer”, but doesn’t work for the ARM-Architecture :frowning:

Can someone help?

I was able to compile this here after downloading tmx-cups-src-ImpactReceipt- and it seemed to do ok other than some depreciated warnings. I installed the package libcups from the repo for the depend. There may be some ubuntu specific things in their install script but you can look what they are doing in the AUR PKGBUILD to get things done in an arch way.

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