Epson Scanner Drivers - Perfection V19

Hey y’all, I’m curious if anyone knows of a good driver for the Epson Scanner Perfection V19.

Epson actually has drivers on its website for Linux. However, the drivers they have are .deb and .rpm which I’ve been told can’t be installed on Arch-based Manjaro?

I’ve searched the AUR and the general package manager. I’ve found some Epson scanner drivers and tried a few but nothing seemed to work. It’s also possible I’m not searching for the right thing. Anyone have any ideas?

Sidenote: I’m a little bit of a noob to Linux, but know a little more than a first-time user. I’m learning!

You can install drivers from AUR. That one should be for your device: AUR (en) - iscan-plugin-gt-s650

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Thanks so much, Tomek. That worked!!!

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