Epson l3111 driver

hello where to find driver for my printer l3111 epson

it needs package lsb > 3.2

You can find the driver here. There are several packaging formats available, as well as the source to build. You may have to write a proper PKGBUILD. You can follow one of the available PKGBUILDs in the AUR with drivers for other models.

Another option is to try IPP generic drivers when adding the printer through the printer configuration utility.

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Thank you

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I managed to install I can print in low ink density

In the printer configuration program, press unlock, insert your password and then select the printer and go to properties.

There you have, on the left, “Access Control” (or something similar). Check the first option (to let everyone to print, except the users listed below).

Press on printer options. There, you can set default options, such as low ink density (draft or low resolution).

Apply the changes and exit. Now, everytime you’ll print, those default options will apply. If you want to change them for a specific job, press the properties button next to the printer name, on the printing dialog, and then go to the advanced tab.

i have two options in printing quality. plain paper standard and envelope standard.which one is the best?

Really? On printing quality? Are you sure you’re not looking at Print Optimization or Media Type? Usually, print quality has the options Draft, Normal and High! You can look at your printer manual to see if those are really the options that should appear.

In windows I have the option of draft printing

i own epson i can print in draft mode for ink economy

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The Linux driver simply just may not have this option…

Did you install it with IPP generic drivers or did you install the drivers from epson?

i install epson-inkjet-printer-escpr and epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2 from aur

i also use ipp generic everywhere.the printer is not printing with this

Not only those drivers are not for your printer, as you have installed two versions of the same driver. You should uninstall it.

Sorry, I just checked the download area and, indeed, that’s the driver Epson offers. It’s a generic driver. But you should install only one version, because files’ location might conflict and get overwritten. Uninstall both version and then install only epson-inkjet-printer-escpr

If it doesn’t work uninstall it and install the other one. Each time, after installing a new driver, you need to remove the printer from the configuration utility and add it again.

Which driver to use

I edited the previous post.

epson-inkjet-printer-escpr this is the driver that works but the same problem.

You can test it. Print two pages, one with each quality setting and see the difference.