Epson ET-2856 Duplex

Hi all
I’ve not been able to find a driver which enables duplex for this printer
The closest is Expression ET-2750 Business Edition (but that is for the older model - duplex option disabled)
None of the Epson ET-x850 drivers manage to print anything, just empty pages - very little in options

Is it just a matter of time waiting for the correct driver to be published, or is there another workaround

I’ve also tried the Generic drivers with even less success


I do use a ET-4550

and duplex works for me.

What drivers did you install already ?

trizen -Ss epson|egrep inst                                                                                                                 
** GET ==> 200 OK
aur/imagescan-plugin-networkscan 1.1.4-0 [installed] [24+] [0.37%] [26 Mar 2021]
aur/epson-printer-utility 1.1.1-18 [installed] [8+] [0.90%] [3 Feb 2022]
aur/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2 1.1.47-1 [installed] [33+] [1.10%] [25 Feb 2022]
aur/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr 1.7.18-1 [installed] [58+] [3.02%] [2 Feb 2022]

But i can´t say which one is in use :frowning: