Epson ET-2715 installs without issue

Hi, I thought I would just give feedback about a printer setup that did NOT give any trouble on Manjaro 20.2 XFCE.
I just bought an Epson ET-2715 because my Dad needs a new printer and it was on sale at a local supermarket. Due to Covid Brother printers that I initially wanted are not available, no matter what model, so I jumped at the chance.
I only set this up with an USB-cable, not on WiFi. The USB-cable is, for whatever reason, not included in the package. Most people will probably have one laying around, but if not you have to figure out how to do this over WiFi.
The installation itself is straightforward. At first, do not plug the USB-cable in. Remove all the tape keeping everything together during transport, fill the ink from the bottles into the tanks and power it up. Press the triangle button for 5 seconds and the initialization of the ink-system starts.
In the meantime install epson-inkjet-printer-escpr (not escpr2) from AUR.
After the initialization is done I powered the printer off and on again (no idea if needed) and plugged the USB-cable in. A small notification popup comes up saying something like “printer is beeing installed” or something, went away to quick really for me to read, and your done. No fuss, no drama.
All test prints so far came out as expected. I am pleased.

Thank you for posting this. I’m considering an Eco Tank printer as well and was wondering if anyone had experience with it.