Entry in Timezone: GMT

I have Windows 10 on three computers alonside to Manjaro.
Windows sets the Bios clock to localtime.

Is it possible to add a timezone entry GMT (Greenwich mean time) ?

Add where?

Why not configure Windows and Manjaro to use the real-time clock in UTC or localtime? Just make sure it is the same for all.

In Manjaro, you can use timedatectl to show information about it and with set-local-rtc true you can switch to localtime for your RTC.

In the list of timezone data: system settings → local settings → date and time.

Of course you can switch to every Timezone you want. However, this is will not change the RTC. This setting is just for the calculation from RTC to display the correct localtime in programs and logs.

Usually, it is better to tell your system that the RTC is in localtime, and not try to fool your system by using a different timezone.

I can´t set the timezone to localtime in KDE / system settings, because the system doesn´t accept the user or root password.

This sound more like a general problem with your system.

You can use timedatectl to switch to a different timezone. See also timedatectl --help . The timezone format follows the tzdata format.

What I have done now:
i have set the timezone to UTC and now it works.

The Arch wiki has all info what is needed to know how to set up UTC for the realtime clock (RTC = hardware clock) in Linux and also in Windoze in case of dual booting:


I don´t want to change the Windows Registry.

You don’t need to change it in Windows, you can change it in Manjaro too. You just need to do it once in one OS.


GMT is the same thing as UTC.

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