Enter Password to unlock keyring

When i start chromium browser, A prompt pops up showing “Enter password to unlock keyring” . Is there any way to disable it?

Hi @spidermonkey,

a Quick bit of searching led me to https://askubuntu.com/questions/31786/chrome-asks-for-password-to-unlock-keyring-on-startup

Where it states:

From the manpage:


Set the password store to use. The default is to automatically detect based on the desktop environment. basic selects the built in, unencrypted password store. gnome selects Gnome keyring. kwallet selects (KDE) KWallet. (Note that KWallet may not work reliably outside KDE.)

The easiest way to fix that in the launcher is to copy the .desktop file to your home folder and edit it (google chrome users should copy the appropriate file):

cp /usr/share/applications/chromium-browser.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

Then edit the new file such that the Exec line reads like this:

Exec=chromium-browser --password-store=basic %U

If you have any other Chromium app installed, their .desktop files should also be in ~/.local/share/applications, edit them accordingly.

Hope this helps!