Enpass switch from AUR to standard repos


I have a question I’ve not yet managed to answer, so I’ll ask here.
In the Stable update 2020-09-11 Phil announced that enpass was added to the repositories.

So far I’ve always used enpass via the AUR so my question is this:

what is the correct way to stop using the AUR version and use the repo version instead?

Any help or even hints would be very much appreciated. Obviously I don’t want to break anything in my password manager, hence the caution.

And as always, thanks for reading this far wether you can help or not.

Uninstall the AUR version and install the repo version:

sudo pacman -R enpass-bin && sudo pacman -Syu enpass

Thank you @Yochanan :+1:
I didn’t dare hope it was that simple, but indeed it is.
and thanks to the devs for including enpass in the manjaro repos :slight_smile:

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