[Enhancement] Change mount order for EFI partition

Today trying to help a user (Manjaro Architect GRUB error - #9 by karanj), I tried Manjaro Architect in a VM. I noticed that mount dialogs can be a little misleading when using UEFI.
The order in mount dialogs is:

  • Root partition
  • Swap
  • Others
  • EFI

But I think that EFI should come before the “others”, because some users may think that EFI partition should be mounted that third step. If EFI is mounted in that step, the EFI dialog is not showed, but later grub does not install properly and the error of the linked topic can show up.

I have to admit that just that happen to me the first time I tried.

Here is the “others” step of mount dialogs:
As I said, I think it’s a little misleading and just a change of order can save some users from a headache :slight_smile:

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I know where you coming from, but I also see the logic in the way it is now.

Root and Swap are clear to everyone I guess.
Then others because you can for instance choose to have a separated /boot partition (like in my case)
after that indeed the EFI.

Ok, I understand. Then maybe it should be better to clearly mention in the third dialog that it is not for the EFI partition.

IMHO, the ESP, what you guys call the EFI partition, should actually come before the root partition.
My logic says you need a boot partition to boot before you can mount the others :wink:
Plus, in my setup i actually bind-mount the /boot directory to a subdir of the ESP which i mount at /efi
Which is IMHO better because that way will work for all boot loaders…