Enabling Pop Shell must over-ride existing Keyboard Shortcuts

Enabling tiling using the pop-shell gnome extension that is now pre-installed leads to an almost unusable keyboard driven windows management experience.
I feel an option to automatically over-ride the existing keyboard shortcuts might be necessary to be able to use this extension in any possible way. A script is provided by PopOS to do this (but would be nice if included out of the box with Manjaro)

Some relevant links:

I made an integration in the gls to toggle those keybindings, but it led to a lot of problems when switching layout. As a workaround, pop-shell keybindings are pre-enabled on the next released iso.

If you have an suggestion on how to implement it in practice, suggestions are welcome.


To make configuring Pop Shell keyboard shortcuts easier, you can install gnome-control-center-pop-shell-shortcuts.