Enabling kwin (and why is Gnome my DE?)

Hi! Some time ago kwin stopped working in my Deepin DE. One beautiful day there just wasn’t any window manager anymore. So I switched to deepin-wm. But I hear kwin is the preferred wm, and there are some things I would like to have there.

So does somebody know how to enable (and fix) kwin?

And another thing. screenfetch tells me my DE is Gnome. Why is this? Could that break kwin or do some other harm, or can I just leave it as it is?

I switched to Deepin from Plasma.


A) screenfetch is not a diagnostic tool
B) deepin was kinda based on gnome, though its really a cobbled-together frankenstein … its not even entirely qt or gtk, plus they have their own deepin framework.

Partially because of B) above, as well as other deepin development norms … as kwin continues to receive regular, largely quality, upgrades … each one of them generally breaks compatibility with deepin … after which sort of patch or similar would be necessary to ‘fix’ (bandaid) it again.

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So basically… no can do - use Deepin wm. Love to have frankenstein on my machine.

Thanks for your reply.