Enabling Keyboard backlight for Samsung notebook

My Samsung galaxy ion 15.6 has a backlit keyboard. It currently works based on ambient light but I have no direct control of it. I’ve been trying different kernel parameters, but to no avail. I can control the screen backlight (and the capslock light) with no problem.

I can’t load the samsung-laptop module and I’m guesssing that’s what I need. I think it’s because I’m using an EUFI boot and it’s blacklisted for historical reasons.

I found this altered module, but I wasn’t able to install it successfully.

If you could tell me how I could force the original samsung-laptop module to load, or how to install the alternative one I would appreciate it greatly.

Or, is there some other way that I should try? I’ve tried a few already, but maybe I overlooked something.

This reddit post is about a a different laptop model but I suspect it’s the same problem.