Enable virtual keyboard on plasma

Hello everyone. I installed Plasma the latest one, which is there, like 5.24, Linux kernel 5.15.50. In general, the essence of the problem is this: I am used to a virtual keyboard and when installing plasma, I did not find something how to activate the native virtual keyboard in non-tablet (normal PC) mode. I searched all the settings, found nothing. Who can help, how to activate it, please help. It is on the login screen, but when you log in for some reason there is no.
P.S. I am aware of the installation of third-party keyboards, I am interested in the native one that flaunts on the login screen.

Works only with Qt applications, and will always show on Primary display only (in case you use dual monitor is almost useless) and when active it will always cover more than half of the screen.
You can run applications like
QT_IM_MODULE=qtvirtualkeyboard krita

or set
as environment variable, for instance inside your .bash_profile, log out and back in to take effect …

You are better with qvkbd or qtkbd … both have advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks, now it’s clearer.

Needs to be fixed in ISO profiles.