Enable touchpad zoom on various software

Hi! I am on a Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop that has a touchpad. I like zooming with my touchpad.
The touchpad works fine for scrolling and gestures and stuff. But zooming is mostly disabled.

For example the programm KolourPaint. Trying to zoom there with my touchpad just doesnt work. I can navigate with the zoom tools but that is for me just not as natural. Scrolling up and down works in this kolourpaint too. Its just the zoom. (Other software also doesnt support zooming with touchpad, koulourpaint is just an example)

Thanks! Sam


Install libinput-gestures package from our repository and then try to follow this
Similar model, but that way you can make other software respond to zoom gestures.

Okay, I got it working. But to me this seems more like a workaround. It zooms just in steps and not smooth. But I guess i will have to live with that :frowning_face:

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Hello. The ‘zoom-in’ is not actually ctrl+’+’, i mean the ‘meta’+’=’ is better for touchpad. But i don’t know the way i can get the key codes of this combination. Can you help me?

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