Enable hot plug sata drive

My computer that hot plugs sata disks fine with linux mint, does not with manjaro. Is hot plug not enabled by manjaro / arch?

I did some searching but that did not help much:
In a post rbmorse asked the same question and later gave a solution that does not automatically recognizes hot plugged disks. Via Google a post was identified https://forum.manjaro.org/t/connect-hdd-without-restart/108054 that does not seem to exist any longer.

thanks! (I am not posting details about my system at this point, because I’d like to know first what is the hot plug policy in arch / manjaro.)

Depends on how you set the automount in your DE.

Is in the archived forum

You had the wrong link.

With gnome-disk-utility you can set one HDD in stand by mode and then it stops to spin then you can safely replace it with a different HDD. Might work in any GTK+ based DE.

On KDE Plasma just check your System Settings > Removable Storage and play with the settings …

In either case, don’t use fstab for those HDD you want to hotswap/hotplug …

The drive is not recognized at all by Manjaro. ‘sudo dmesg -w’ does not show anything when the disk is inserted / hot plugged. The kde partition manager does not list the drive. I tried with several disks and several sata ports. Maybe an issue of the kernel? (Kernel 5.4.0-37-lowlatency x86_64 works fine on LMint, kernel on Manjaro is 5.9)

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for! When the disk is attached it does not show up anywhere: nothing in the log (that Ksystemlog shows). Nothing with ‘sudo dmesg -w’.
The disks are recognized after reboot when already attached.
Linux Mint / Ubuntu still does recognize the disks on the same motherboard. Currently the kernel is 5.11.4-1-rt11-MANJARO.

found this page: udev - ArchWiki
and there: echo 0 0 0 | tee /sys/class/scsi_host/host*/scan
When executed as this command as su, Disks&Devices from KDE popped up and offered to mount the disk. Great!

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