Enable/disable systemd-swap questions

Manjaro has a good guide on enabling systemd-swap but i still have some questions on it.
Swap - Manjaro.

Arch wiki suggests that we edit /etc/systemd/swap.conf. to enable swap but manjaro wiki says /etc/systemd/swap.conf.d/myswap.conf so both are fine ?
can i use another word instead of myswap?

In order to disable systemd-swap is it enough to just disable it by systemctl command or do i have to remove the text file that i created in order to enable it?

And the arch wiki now recommends zram-generator is there any reason for that not being mentioned in wiki?

.d directories are for cutomization ‘addendums’. Putting some option/value in either file should have the same effect … but files in the .d directories are considered better practice for a few reasons … not least of which is that you are creating a file with an option instead of editing a system file own by a package (which will later create a .pacnew when the package is updated).

Yes disabling the service is enough.
The files mentioned have nothing to do with ‘running’ anything - they are configuration files for swap.

Because its relatively new. Its been recently added to Arch wiki, but never even considered for manjaro wiki yet. (after checking … it looks like the authors new ‘use generator’ portion of the github README was added ~10 months ago )

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