Enable CONFIG_DRM_HYPERV in linux514

The support for Hyper V DRM has been added to linux 5.14. Could this be enabled by default in linux514 package? e.g.:


This will fix sway edition running on Hyper V with kernel versions >= 5.14

If not, how can one patch a kernel when building an iso? I tried following steps without success:

  1. clone linux514,
  2. apply changes in config file, update checksums,
  3. build package with buildpkg -p linux514
  4. build iso with buildiso -p sway -k linux514 -c

This builds an iso, but when I boot it and check kernel config file the CONFIG_DRM_HYPERV is not set.


This won’t work - you cannot patch a package using buildpkg and you cannot add a patched package to to buildiso.

I have never done this but I guess you can do something like this

  • Run buildiso -x -p sway -k linux514 -b unstable
  • You will have to clone linux514 from gitlab/packages/core
  • Add you patch manually and run makepkg to create a package
  • Use pacman -r /path/to/buildiso/rootfs -U /path/to/your/linux514.tar.zst
  • You to use manjaro-chroot to install the package - because the rootfs contains symlinks pointing to the wrong location
  • Copy your final linux514 package to the buildiso rootfs - then use manjaro-chroot to point to that location - then use pacman -U <your-linux514.pkg.tar.zst> to install the custom kernel
  • Run buildiso -zc -p sway -k linux514 -b unstable to rebuild the changed filesystem and assemble the iso

You can get the most of path to the images by running buildiso -qv -p sway - the rest would be ./x86_64/rootfs

No guarantees - just an idea …

NOTE: If this succeeds - be careful with your VM to not overwrite your home cooked kernel running a pacman sync.

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